why we created lightbody™ supplements

To improve digital wellness from the inside.

Lightbody™. The purest light form of your being, also known as your aura. The best essence of you, beyond just your physical body.

Our passion for digital wellness led us to create Lightbody™ supplements.
Let’s start from the beginning.
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Our Backstory

Lightbody was created and developed by DefenderShield®, whose mission is to improve digital wellness by reducing daily exposure to EMF radiation–an invisible form of energy called electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) that emit from our electronic devices and wireless networks. As a holistic wellness company, the DefenderShield team recognized the different effects that technology has on today’s digitized world, and they knew that they could do more to help people protect their bodies from technology and other toxins. Hence the creation of Lightbody, whose focus is improving digital wellness from the inside.

After working for years with some of the world’s top biologists, chemists, and supplement formulators, Lightbody™ has used modern scientific research to come up with an array of unique, next-generation supplement formulas that target pathways in the body responsible for increasing cellular resiliency and supporting positive health outcomes.

Our Supplements.

Lightbody™ is the only digital wellness micronutrient supplement available to give your body a complete arsenal of defense from the biological impacts that arise from chronic technology consumption and exposure, along with defending from other environmental toxins of today’s lifestyle that can put the body in a state of stress. Lightbody™ specifically targets body imbalances at the cellular level to promote resiliency from today’s digital and toxin-polluted world.

Lightbody’s current product offerings include a Cellular Defense Multivitamin, a Total Eye Health + Blue Light Defense Supplement, a Prebiotic & Probiotic Total Gut Health Supplement, an Anti-Stress and Anxiety Relief Supplement, and pharmaceutical grade high DHA and EPA Omega-3 Fish Oils.

Lightbody Supplements
Health and Protection from the Inside.

Lightbody’s mission with each supplement is to target body imbalances at the cellular level that growing research links to EMF radiation, blue light, other environmental toxin exposure, and negative mental health effects. Lightbody was specifically developed for those with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome) and other chronic immune illnesses, since those with these conditions have a heightened sensitivity to many environmental toxins. However, the potential benefits may extend to anyone and everyone looking to get a highly effective body boost and improve their bodies’ resiliency as they age to the abundant toxins and pollutants we breathe in, digest, touch, or are exposed to every day.


In developing its formulas, Lightbody™ sought out the purest and highest quality ingredients that are free from toxins and contaminants. It focuses on making its supplements easily digestible, highly bioavailable, and as concentrated as they can be. They contain no fillers or ingredients that can counteract what each supplement is designed to do.

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