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“Everyone who looks at screens should be concerned with their eye health. I recommend this supplement to my patients and everyone else who spends time in front of digital devices.”

-Dr. Marc Grossman, Holistic Optometrist and Author

89% of customers surveyed felt a difference in eye health

Why Our Customers Love Lightbody® Total Eye Health +

I noticed improvements within 3 weeks… my vision was noticeably better and not as foggy. My eye strain problems subsided, and I no longer had to use prescription eye drops for dry eyes… continually amazed.

– Tracy P, Webster, NY

My vision was getting so blurry that I had to take breaks from my work to keep from getting migraines. Thankfully, I’m no longer having that problem at all!

– Dr. Basheerah Ahmad, Doctor of Natural Medicine

It has helped ease my eye strain to being almost a non issue… I can see words much better on screens without my readers and without straining my eyes to see.

– Michael F, Jupiter, FL

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Lightbody® Supplements help your body become more resilient in our toxin-filled world

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What is a digital wellness supplement?

The Problem

We are surrounded by more toxins than ever before. Scientists and doctors know wireless signals can affect the body, similar to other man-made toxins. On top of this, our food is no longer giving us the correct nutrients we need to be resilient to these toxins.

Our Solution

Lightbody’s female co-founders saw a need to help people’s bodies become more resilient to our modern lifestyle. We partnered with top experts to develop formulations that target cellular resiliency in the eyes, gut, brain, and immune system.

What We Do

Our range of supplements flood specific parts of the body with clinically-proven antioxidants and macronutrients in the most bioavailable, best-in-class formulations designed to optimize our bodies in our modern environment.

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Meet our Female Founders

Pioneers in Digital Wellness

Kylen Ribeiro and Michelle Klein co-founded Lightbody® in 2021 with the intent of helping people become more resilient to digital device emissions.

They quickly found out Lightbody® could help the body deal with all sorts of environmental toxins. Their line of targeted and bioavailable highly engineered supplement blends is the first to target digital wellness and our modern lifestyle. Kylen and Michelle found the best formulators and nutrition experts to help bring these novel products to the market.

As previous D1 athletes and lifetime promoters of holistic wellness, Kylen and Michelle are both passionate about raising awareness about the niche subject of digital health as our relationship with technology continues to evolve.

Hear From Our
Chief Formulator

Taking a product and putting it in your body doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it’s going to help.

One of the things that we did at Lightbody when designing the product line was choosing ingredients and nutrients that were going to be most effective for absorption in the body and utilization by the body.

Cico Rodriguez, Lightbody Chief Formulator

What Our Customers are Saying About Us

Check Out the Full Line of Lightbody® Supplements

Total Eye Health +

The only supplement that benefits the front, middle and back of your eye with a formula targeting hydration, retinal & macular health, and filtering blue light.*

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Foundational Multivitamin

23 essential micronutrients and a powerful antioxidant mix to support the immune system, cellular energy, and whole body health.*

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Omega 3 DHA
Fish Oil

Purest and highest potency 100% cold-pressed anchovy oil for inflammatory support and resiliency of the cell membrane.*

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Omega 3 EPA
Fish Oil

Purest and highest potency 100% cold-pressed anchovy oil for inflammatory support and resiliency of the cell membrane.*

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Total Gut Health

Unique prebiotic and probiotic formulation that survives the entire digestive tract, creates postbiotics, and targets a bacteria strain that is elevated when exposed to environmental pollutants.*

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Total Stress Support

Organic ashwagandha combined with powerful herbs to support calm feelings and focus amidst the stimulating and stressful effects of media.*

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cellular resiliency

Helping your cells stay healthy and respond to inflammation even in times of cellular stress

DefenderShield Lightbody Icon Immune Support | Lightbody

immune support

Helping the body better respond to toxins and endocrine disruptors

digital wellness

Helping your body’s relationship with your technology, EMF radiation, and blue light exposure

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