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Lightbody Total Eye Health + Blue Light Filter Supplement: Featured in First for Women Magazine

Lightbody’s groundbreaking Total Eye Health + Blue Light Filter supplement is featured in the November 2023 issue of First for Women Magazine! Available at newsstands, grocery stores, drug stores, and book retailers nationwide, the article features Tracy Poten, a 51-year-old 911 operator from New York who suffered from dry eyes and fatigue for years. Tracy tried the supplement and found that after just one month her eyes felt healthier, she slept better, and her energy was restored. She said that her vision was clearer, and she no longer needed eye drops. Click here to learn more about our Total Eye Health + Blue Light Filter Supplement!

New York Weekly – Digital Wellness: How Lightbody Creates Supplements for The Modern Digital Lifestyle

In a society dominated by technology, Lightbody® aims to protect the public through their Supplement line.

dr. Marc Grossman

Yahoo Finance – Lightbody® Names Dr. Marc Grossman to Health & Science Advisory Board

Lightbody® announced the addition of renowned optometrist and best-selling author Dr. Marc R. Grossman, O.D., L.Ac., to the company’s Health & Science Advisory Board. His combined multi-disciplinary approach using nutrition, eye exercises, lifestyle changes, supplementation, and Chinese Medicine has helped thousands of his patients improve eyesight and maintain healthy vision.

Vitamin Retailer – Women in Nutritional Supplements and Natural Products

Lightbody® co-founders Kylen Ribeiro and Michelle Klein speak to Vitamin Retailer magazine about the benefits and drawbacks of being a woman in the supplements industry, and what leadership is like from a female perspective.

women in nutritional supplements and natural products

Inc Magazine – Kylen Ribeiro: 10 Most Admired Women CEOs to Follow in 2022

Lightbody’s primary mission is to help promote the human body’s resiliency to various toxins, including electromagnetic energy at the cellular level.

Well Examined Podcast – Innovators Lightbody® Labs Digital Wellness

The founders of Lightbody® share their inspiration and insight on the importance of nutritional supplements designed to create cellular resiliency in our digital and toxin polluted environment.

USA Today – Supporting the Eye’s Resiliency to Blue Light: Future of Personal Health

Light frequencies from screens can damage your eyes, but nature offers us a way to maintain their health.

Whole Foods Magazine – Lightbody® Supplements Are Here To Promote Digital Wellness, A Growing Domain of Health

Thanks to an expert medical advisory board, scientists, and formulators, an empowering women-led company called Lightbody® is here to deliver a groundbreaking solution–the world’s only digital wellness supplements. 

Consumer Queen – Setting Goals for the New Year: Our Favorite Products

The Works Bundle is the best introduction to the Lightbody line of health supplements!

Economic Journal – Top 15 Innovative Brands And Individuals To Watch For In 2023

For those seeking a healthier overall lifestyle, the addition of the world’s first digital wellness supplement, Lightbody® is here to protect you from the inside out.

St. Pete Catalyst – St. Pete Startup Introduces ‘Digital Wellness’ Supplements

Two local entrepreneurs believe they have created the world’s only digital wellness supplement company – Lightbody®.

USA Today – Women-owned Lightbody® supplements help combat toxins

The modern digital age has changed human life. Advancements in technology have led to faster, more efficient communication, easier access to information, and so much more. But is digital technology use putting our health on the line?

Go Solo – The World’s Only Digital Wellness Supplements

Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in health and supplements but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Kylen Ribeiro, CEO of Lightbody, LLC.

Lightbody® Introduces Digital Wellness™ Supplements to Address Vision Health Issues During Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month

Lightbody’s Total Eye Health + with Blue Light Filter Supplement is the first to address all three parts of the Eye for Enhanced Visual Function. Learn more about the formulation and Digital Wellness!

Yahoo Finance – Lightbody® Welcomes Wellness Expert Dr. Basheerah Ahmad to Health & Science Advisory Board

Lightbody, the innovator of the world’s only Digital Wellness supplements, announced the addition of holistic health expert and entrepreneur Dr. Basheerah Ahmad to the company’s Health & Science Advisory Board.

Ancient Health Podcast – EMF, Cell Danger Response, and Shielding your body from inside out with Kylen Ribeiro and Michelle Klein

Listen to the co-founders of Lightbody® explain why it’s so important that we protect our body from a cellular level, and what nutrients are most depleted by EMF exposure.

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